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Popular and Commercial Music Voice Teachers: Your Input Is Needed!

Hello friends and colleagues! 

I (Jessica Baldwin) am currently on the NATS Commercial Music Auditions national committee. The committee deeply wants the auditions to benefit popular and commercial music teachers and singers in the ways they want to experience benefits. It’s become clear that we need more information from the community itself, much of which exists outside of NATS.

With the committee’s approval, I’ve created an anonymous survey to get thoughts and opinions from both members and non-members about what would make the auditions worth it, and to listen to concerns you and your students may have about doing them.

Even if you will NEVER send students to these auditions, I think it’s really important for the committee and NATS leadership to know why, and you can state that on the survey.

Please forward it to other popular and commercial music voice teachers whose opinions you would like to be included.

The survey should take 5 minutes.

Thank you so much for your time! – Jess

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