Songwriter’s Toolkit

In popular music genres, songwriting ability is essential to artistic and financial success. If our singers sound great, but have nothing of their own to say, they won’t get very far as artists. Chances are good that most of your students aren’t getting songwriting help anywhere else. It’s important that we as voice teachers have at least a general understanding of the craft and know where to point our students if their writing needs help. Whether you’ve never written a song in your life, or are a seasoned songwriter, you’ll find lots of great ideas in these resources. This is just a sampling of what’s out there. Please share some of your favorite resources in the comments below.


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


By Elizabeth Gilbert

First-Hand Stories

More Songwriters on Songwriting


By Paul Zollo

Guides from the Experts

Writing Better Lyrics


By Pat Pattison

Face to Face

Join your local Songwriters’ Association or local songwriting idea/support group. They often have great guest speakers, group dialogue to work through ideas and blocks, business tips, and performance opportunities. Here’s Nashville’s, as an example.

Getting Those Songs Out There

Show Your Work!


By Austin Kleon


What are some of your favorite songwriting resources? Please share in the comments!

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