Voice Technology Blogs

Here are two great blogs with information about technology and gear for singing. (You can find more blogs in our resource database.)

 Screenshot: Voice Council Magazine, 29 May 2016 Screenshot: Voice Council Magazine, 29 May 2016

Voice Council Magazine – Tech & Gear

Voice Council Magazine is an amazing resource for the commercial singer, which is the site’s target audience. The blog features articles from a wide range of high-level professionals who specialize in a particular aspect of commercial singing (health, technique, sound, gear, marketing, etc.).

In the gear section, there are tons of recommendations and reviews of microphones and other sound equipment, as well as good techniques for using the gear. As you can see in the screenshot below, recommendations can get as specific as “what to use for live beat-boxing.”

If you’re highly trained and experienced with sound tech, you may find the “how-to” articles a bit simplistic since they’re directed toward singers and not sound technicians. But many of the voice teachers in the Facebook group have expressed a need for more information and training in sound gear selection, setup, and use, so I’m guessing the articles will be at the right level (and in some cases, even a little advanced) for teachers who didn’t get any audio technology training in school. Regardless of your level of experience, having a place to check recommendations and reviews for the latest mics and gear on the market is a great resource.

 Screenshot: Matthew Edwards' Blog, 29 May 2016 Screenshot: Matthew Edwards’ Blog, 29 May 2016

Matt Edwards’ Technology Thursday

Dr. Matthew Edwards is the artistic director of the CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute and the author of So You Want to Sing Rock ‘n’ Roll. Matt’s blog generally focuses on CCM singing, although many of his tips are helpful for other genres, too.

One great aspect of his blog is his Technology Thursday series, which includes gear, software, websites, and other resources that are helpful for working with singers. Matt’s target audience is primarily voice teachers, so you will find more information related to working with students than you would find at Voice Council Magazine, or most other CCM singing blogs in general, for that matter.

Do you have a favorite blog for tech info related to teaching voice? Leave it in the comments!

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